Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mission calling

The other day I was on a ladder removing my kitchen’s curtain for washing, my hubby walked in and jokingly say “Got baby, not suppose to climb so high”, I “shh and “choy choy” him and I think mom in-law got a shock…. I quickly brushed aside his claim and say I’m not pregnant but in actual my menses had indeed late by over a week….

Yesterday, my Singapore boss was up in Penang, he needed me to be in Philippines once a month (each trip, Mon – Fri), for 6 months to 1 year kind of project and “consultancy” job starting from next Feb. I told him no confirmation from me until I discussed it over with my hubby, so yesterday night I shared with my hubby and asked him his opinion and for any good excuses that he could think of to reject the idea. We discussed it over and blah blah blah… then I said hmm….. getting pregnant is sure one good excuse! Then he said “that’s what I think of also”. By then my menses is already late by 10 days, but I did not have any feeling of getting “pregnant”, anyway maybe God decided to interfere again, I think.

This morning, was ready to go to work, and guess what…. ta da… I’m not pregnant, oh oh Plan A failed, now Plan B…. since he needed me badly for the project, then it’s a good time for me to demand…….. so I wrote a mail to my boss expressing my “demand”…..yet to know the outcome….yesterday, I read the paper , their government just killed another main guy from the Abu Sayaff group….. better get ready with Plan C! Anybody can help me?

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