Sunday, December 30, 2007

I'm Thankful

Today is the last day of 2007 and tomorrow is the beginning of a new year 2008. Before starting to blog, I’ve always kept my thoughts in my mind now I’m so glad each of my special thoughts can now be penned down for remembrance and hopefully this bog will stay long enough for my daughters and grandchildren to read it…. Well what are my thoughts now? As a Christian, I’m reminded to always give thanks and be thankful for everything whether it’s good or bad and deep down in me I really am thankful, so many things to be thankful and I tried to share some as I could not possibly list all of them.…..

I thank God for giving me another 365 days to live, a life to live for Him
I thank God for my relationship with Him for I can call Him my Father
I thank God for my loving husband, his unconditional and untiring love
I thank God for my parents, their body is getting weaker but reminded me to pray more often for them and also to be concerned on their spiritual condition
I thank God for my loving daughters; through them I learned the lessons of love and most importantly of God’s unconditional love
I thank God for my mother in law; through her I learned sacrificial love
I thank God for the so many sickness I encountered this year (a really bad cough, series of fevers, body pains and flu), for they taught me to take better care of myself
I thank God for my sister, brother and their families; through them I learned the importance of flesh and blood
I thank God for a few families, through their fellowship; I learned God is at work
I thank God for special friendships built along the way and also for old friendships renewed, through them I found the joy of caring and being cared for.
I thank God for my job, through it I learned to give.
I thank God for the obstacles and difficult people along the way, through them I learned to forgive, less critical and judgmental
I thank God for simple things in my life as they mattered most
I thank God for the air that I breathe, the humble home that we live in and many happy moments we shared in it
I thank God for everything because He is the source of everything

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