Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas '07

Our family celebrated Christmas in Vistana Hotel this year, it was a combine service with Century Methodist Church, more than 500 turned up for the celebration, Christians and invited friends joined in the celebration, the message we want to spread is, God with us. We are blessed with the message, the choir and the testimonies on how God worked in each of our life. God has been gracious and good to our family and I believed for many families who came to trust and hope in the Lord. The children were jumping with joy and the girls all looked like angels, hope they learned to understand the true meaning of Christmas as they grew in the grace of the Lord. My hope is next year my parents and other family members will get to celebrate with us.

4 close families with our blessed angels (all girls!!) and one potential boy (we will be sure in Jan '08)

Angels from heaven - Michelle, Chloe, Emily, Dorcas & Nicole

Sweet Emily with the Christmas tree

Michelle and Crystal jeh jeh

A family portrait, taken by Dorene.. thanks..


Celine said...

4 famillies all daughters???
The Christmas presents from you I still keep them...All in good condition. Thank you and sorry for not giving out mines... Pai seh.

debwangch said...

wow... beautiful white angels... send my regards to all in the picture!!

dorene said...

it was a wonderful celebration...


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