Wednesday, December 26, 2007

In Loving Memory

My lady boss’s dear mother passed away on Christmas evening, this entry is dedicated to her, Madam Chan Yoke Lin, 84. I do not have the opportunity to know her very well but heard a lot of her through my boss during our leisure conversations. However I had the opportunity to share some light moments with her whenever I dropped by my boss’s house, she could comprehend in many languages and speaks very fluent Cantonese with me, knowing that I’m a Cantonese, always invite me for meals and asked about my children. Her motherly and caring character makes her a comfortable lady to be with.

My boss used to share that she is a very resourceful lady, a marvelous cook and a very generous lady. She is willing to fork out her little savings just to lend a helping hand to the needy, voluntarily took a relative’s son in because the neighbors claimed that he is of no hope and can’t be brought up normally, she took care of him during the most critical period of his life and now a grown up and healthy man in his late 40s who lovingly called her mom. My boss used to share how straight her mom is to her during her childhood days, how she punished her for her misbehavior and how she influenced her to give without expecting anything in return. I can certainly see the influence in her, my boss in return is a very caring person and soft spoken in nature though many sees her as a bossy, dominion and bitchy superior. They said a child could never experience true love without the love of a mother, this I truly understand and agree. Through many years of working together I see her true and soft side; we want to express our deepest condolence to her on the dismissed of her beloved mother. Auntie Yoke Lin, may you rest in peace.

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