Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I'm tagged...

5 things in my bag:
- wallet
- house keys
- tissue
- hand phone
- my Nov payslip

5 things in my head:
- mom's health
- the report I need to finalize
- whether hubby remember to pick me up from work today
- exercising with my kids later
- how to spend my bonus

5 words I frequently use:
- don't do that, don't do this
- put the things back in its original place
- no shouting in our house
- girl girl
- mei mei

5 recent text messages received:
- oh, si ah? so little nia ah... (from my colleague asking about her bonus)
- pls help to send my condolence... (from my colleague, my boss's mom passed away y'day)
- ok will do (from my sis)
- not until cny i try to go back.... (from my sis on her travelling plans)
- a christmas wish (from my brother)

5 recent things I just did:
- went for lunch
- replying e-mails
- downloading some photos
- meeting with my colleagues
- meeting with my colleagues

5 things in my wardrobe:
- blouses
- skirts
- pants
- undergarments
- bags

5 things I just ate:
- "yong taufu"
- yam rice
- vege
- wholemeal crackers
- "char siu pau"

5 people I'm tagging:
celine, most of my friends don't have blog one woh...... they just read mine.. you all out there, when are you going to start blogging?

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Celine said...

Oh, this time kena tag pulak!


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