Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Now I pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Chan

I was cleaning my mom’s room last weekend, the beautiful pictures hung on the wall caught my attention, I asked my daughter to get my digital camera and I took the pictures for my next blog posting.

Aren’t the bride lovely and bridegroom handsome? Yeap, they were my parents’ wedding photo taken 44 years ago, both of them were 29 then and marrying at that age is considered quite late back in those times, over time they produced two daughters and one son and I was the last production. I love them deep down in my hearts.

Below is the recent photo that I took, 44 years later, they still look very lovely and handsome isn’t it? Youthful look has now been replaced by many years of joy, pain, happiness, gains and losses but they are still my dear parents.

Mom has lost a lot of weight due to appetite lost, she was diagnosed with osteophytes (bone spur) recently and frequently in pain, please pray for her and dad is still healthy but considering their age God has been good and merciful.

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Celine said...

You and your mom look a little bit alike. Can see the mould.


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