Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Help! Lions

My girls are real playful at times and most of the time go overboard until I need to interfere, else they will end up hurting each other and themselves. Below are shots taken in one of those moments, jeh jeh and mei mei untied their ponytails that I plaited early in the morning, they took their clothes off, went completely naked and were running amok around the house, pretending they were lions gone astrayed and started attacking and roaring like one. Certainly not in their best manners, they were completely wild and even start "attacking" their mummy, all these were put on halt when mummy roared even louder and off they went into their "cage" and start dressing up. Ka ka ka

1 comment:

dorene said...

lion you are the lioness! hehe...there are some similarities...better run to my cage now too! hehe...


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