Monday, January 28, 2008

Journey to work (with pics)

Every morning, I used the “kampung” village small road to get to work, mainly to avoid the traffic and traffic lights, secondly to enjoy the view along the way, the distance to work is about 8km. Firstly I passed through the Malay village, things were pretty quiet with the kampong folks preparing for their day, one can feel the difference, it’s just about 0.5km away from the busy bustling main road. Next I will reach a river, cows are seen munching the fresh green grass, in front of me I can see the sun rise (before 7.40am) before approaching a small wet market where local residents do their early “marketing”.

Sun rise scene

Cows in the meadow, "moo moo moo"

Next I turned out into the secondary road where housing schemes are located before finally turning into the main road and joined the city folks again. The whole journey typically takes about 20 minutes but it’s indeed a refreshing way to get to work. Occasionally it’s good to stop, be still and take a look at your surrounding, enjoy the little and casual things that we tend to overlook and take for granted, it will give you a new perspective on things, it works for me. I’ll share the photos tomorrow...... and have a great week ahead.


dorene said...

that's realy nice.

Wai Wai said...

Dear Dorene, indeed it is...


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