Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My little helper

Recently I am blessed with a little cute helper, she makes the effort to wake up 7am in the morning, make up her own bed, help me with the bottles, washed the vegetables, dry the tumblers, fill up the water in the boiler, push a basket of laundry to the balcony and other little house chores that can be handled by a six year old. Yeap and she’s my adorable Michelle.

Don’t know what prompts her to lend a helping hand but I remembered her asking me why I needed to wake up so early in the morning and what I was busy about the whole morning before going to work. So I shared with her my routine:

6.15am – Alarm rang
6.15 – 6.45am – Toilet business and bathe
6.45 – 7.00am – Wash their bottles, whatever left over in the basin by mice in the house the night before, unload all stuff from the drainer and place them back into original place, unload already washed the night before laundry from the washing machine into basket for my mom in law to hang later.
7.00 – 7.15am – Prepare soup of the day, boiled them and transfer into slow cooker, plan what to cook on behalf of mom in-law
7.15 – 7.30am – Change, make up and prepare for work.

So I guessed little Michelle’s effort to routinely wakes up at 7am, helped mummy with some house chores are her ways to demonstrate how much she loves mummy. Though I honestly think the main motive is that she gets to play with water… anyway I really appreciate her effort and being such a darling. She has been quite regular except on certain days where she overslept, after the soup boiling session she will ask for her bottle of “nen nen” and off she went lying down on the sofa, poking the corners of her “chou chou” and enjoying her drink of the day………. So cute..


dorene said...

thats very sweet....and wow, you can do so many things in the morning before going to work?! really keng-lar..all i did was to make sure i don't fall asleep while driving to work! i guess its because i am not a mom yet.

Wai Wai said...

I've been in that routine since I went back to work after delivering Michelle, practice makes perfect and I guess I can do all these with my eyes closed....... ke ke ke. Don't worry the skill will be automatically installed when you are promoted to a mom later...


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