Monday, January 14, 2008

I N F I D E L I T Y (2)

I was having lunch with a couple of colleagues last Friday and happened to sit opposite a male colleague, don't know how we were chatting over the recent minister's down fall and he commented that it was plain foolish of him to admit to the sex DVD thing. Our conversation as below:

Me: "XX is it true that 9 out of 10 men will fool around behind the wife's back?"
Mr. X: "10 out of 10 men will do that!"
Me: "Why so?"
Mr. X: "It's natural instint of a man to like adventure and explore new excitement?"
Me: "Does it mean, you did that to your wife too?"
Mr. X: "Wanted to but financially not permisable."
Me: "Isn't that unfair to your wife?"
Mr. X: "It's man's nature"
Me: "Then how would you feel if your wife fool around with another man?"
Mr. X: Startled that I threw him this question, "That cannot lah, sure divorce her"
Me: Sheer man's excuse for the lust in them.....

Sorry, men out there......... but I got to write this, the next time lust fiercely attack your mind and body, please think of your dear wife back home whom you vowed to love till the very end of your life and be a full grown responsible man.


Celine said...

Who does he think he is? Is he able to represent the guy's population from the whole world to make a such conclusion? Recommend him to read on "The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People" and if he is able to understand, ask him to carry on with "The 8th Habit".
As of now, he is just highly capable in bragging. Do observe this guy. He may not performing well in an organization if he think all the conclusions he made is right.

Wai Wai said...

hmm..... bragging yes, but I think he is being a "big man taughts", in cantonese we called "tai lam yan chue yee" and this normally comes from a man from older generation.


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