Thursday, January 10, 2008

Civic mindedness

Most of the public toilets in big grand new shopping complexes are equipped with a jumbo roll of toilet paper as you entered the toilet. So one evening I entered the toilet, wanted to pull pieces of toilet paper for my business, in front of me there’s this lady pulling length and length and length of the toilet paper (initially I thought she must be suffering from severe diarrheas and needed back-ups). To my horror all she did was to tap tap her slightly wet hands, dumped it into the dustbin and walked away!!! Wah, deep inside me I just wanted to #$%^& her, “It’s free, doesn’t mean you can waste them as if you paid for the whole roll, what happened if there’s someone who really are in need of pieces of toilet paper to do their wildly important and super urgent business?”….. sign……..

The teachings of moral, civic and good habits in schools today are not doing any good to educate our no civic mindedness citizens…….

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