Thursday, January 10, 2008

Common Sense

Common sense is not common anymore. Well I read this statement somewhere, but could not actually recalled the details, after many encounters with people who possess “no common sense”, forgive me for judging! I truly, 100%, strongly agreed with this statement. This is true at work and outside of work as I observed people around me, below is what I encounter on Wed.. (vomit blood)

Scene 1
In a pharmacy, I was trying to find packets of ENO, found them, checked the price tag displayed on the rack, for normal or lemon taste, the price still the same and that is RM0.65/packet, I took two, brought over to the counter.

Workers at counter (4 of them) – Don’t know why the owner need 4 people over a 4’ x 2’ counter (no common sense 1) – scan the packet of ENO, result= RM1.56…

Me: Puzzled, “why it’s RM1.56?, I thought it’s RM0.65 per packet, so it should be RM1.30.”

Worker 1: “I don’t know, but the system showed RM1.56”

Me: “Then there must be something wrong to your barcode system”

Worker 1: “I scan in already woh, cannot change”

Me: ???!!! “what do you mean cannot change, you can check the price at your display rack”, by then all the 4 workers showed me their “face”, I in return feeling very frustrated and brought Worker 2 to the aisle where I got the Enos. She looked at it, no doubt it’s RM0.65.

Worker 2: Pressed on the cash register and entered the correct price.

Me: While waiting for them to amend the system, “how can you ask your customer to pay more for the mistake you have made?”

Worker 1: Mumbling and speaking softly but purposely let you hear it “the price has gone uplah”

Me: In my mind “then you all should change the stupid price tag”, showing them my “use your common sense a bit” face and walked away.

Moral of the story:
1) Test your worker’s common sense before employing them, if not they will only drive your customers mad and away from your shop forever.
2) Our mathematics standard has gone down the monsoon drain; a teacher friend told me that the SPM passing rate for Additional Mathematics subject now is only “5”, believe it or not! So I’m not surprise if our buildings, bridges, highways collapse if the drawing is calculated from someone with just a “Pass” Add Maths for their SPM!!!!

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