Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Art Working

Girls just love art working, I’m not sure about boys since I don’t own any. My girls simply enjoy the cutting, pasting and mess that they created and later asked their dear mummy to clean after them, honestly I detest the cleaning process but enjoyed every moment of the art working process. To them I knew they simply love to try something new not so much of the end result, we threw a lot of them and kept some of them for their memories. The thought of us sitting down admiring our art works years later gives me the sense of contentment. I don’t remember keeping any of my old stuffs except for some old autographs, a diary and very old albums. This is one of the ways to capture and leave some sweet memories for my girls.

Some of our masterpiece, jeh jeh and mei mei's face painted on porcelain plates, crabs that I drew, the girls colored and we framed them up..

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