Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Teachers that I could remembered

I logged into my old school website recently, ACS Kampar and found out that my ex-Form 4 physic teacher is now the school principal which triggered me to write this post, "Teachers" that I could remembered........ hmm hmm...... I need some time to locate them in my memory bags........ here are they..

Primary 1 - Mrs Chan Sum Ching, nice lady
Primary 2 - Mrs Chin (Pooi's mom), very straight teacher, used to place the naughtiest boy to sit beside me..
Primary 3 - a malay teacher Pn. Hamiton (if not mistaken)
Primary 4 - Ms. Maheswari (the "tigeress" of the school who likes to pinch us for the smallest mistakes and makes us write thousand of lines if we get 2 and more spelling mistakes, crazy...)
Primary 5 - Mrs. Oh (funny lady with a Chinese accent when speaking in Bahasa)
Primary 6 - Mr. Chan XX (a soft and a bit "la la" man)

Secondary 1 - can't recall
Secondary 2 - can't recall as well
Secondary 3 - Ms. Chan (just graduated from Teacher's college, used to get bullied by the boys in class)
Secondary 4 - Mr. Lai Mann Kheong (he's now the principal, no comment, but generally a find guy, ke ke ke)
Secondary 5 - a Malay teacher (can't recall, sorry)

Lower 6 - can't recall, a Chinese lady
Upper 6 - Mrs. Kew (I occasionally pump into her in the wet market when I'm back in Kampar)

Not bad, I can still remember 69% of my form teacher's name after so many years...
Teachers left marks into their students' life whether positive or negative, most of my teachers influenced me in a positive way but there are pure lazy, could not be bothered type of teachers too (too bad)......

To all teachers that leave positive influences to my life, I thank you.

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