Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Clutter clutter and more clutter

One of our action point for 2008 is to set up a proper study table for our girls, our intention is to build a discipline routine for the girls, time to play, time to sleep, time for homework etc. It's not condusive to do homework on the dining table anymore as one of mom in-law favourite past time is hooked up in front of the TV. In order to do that we have to move our 4' x 6'book rack out (due to the limited room space), before we can move the rack out we have to remove everything in it and oh my I'm indeed surprised to see what a 4' x 6' cabinet can store or is it me who is so "terror" that I can squeezed so many things in it, what a clutter worm I am.

So the stuff all ended on the dining area's floor, in return we have placed an order for two 32" width and 7' solid rack which will take 1-2 weeks to reach us. So for this 1-2 weeks I have to bear with the books and clutter that I collected for the past few years lying on the floor.......

The unclutter worm has also triggered me to look into the stuff that I've collected over the years in my office cubicle, home closet, kitchen, wet area, bedroom, dressing table cabinet. For the past 2 weeks I've been uncluttering bags and bags of "trash" either to be recycled or contributed to MPPP.

Chinese New Year is coming, a pre spring cleaning for the office and household and have I told you that my hubby is also one clutter worm? He he he.

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