Thursday, January 17, 2008

Shopping for clothes

I've been shopping for my cny clothings recently and find that it is extremenly difficult to get something which I like and considered decent to be worn at work. The clothing nowadays are:
a) Too small for me
b) Too revealing (low neck line, transparent material)
c) Too "modern" and "hip hop"
d) Colors are dull

Maybe I need to watch my waist line and simply age is catching up,whatever out there are for those young and sexy chicks and not for thirty something matured lady. I bought a lot of bottoms but can hardly find tops to match.... will be searching this weekend with hubby again......... and hope this time I can get some good deals, decent looking tops that looks good on me and one last thing is for hubby to be more patient while tagging along.

One more thing, I have no problem shopping for my girls, they simply looked adorable in any kind of clothes and hope to get something for my mom, she used to sew her own clothes but don't think she can do so this year, I got something for my dad too.... happy shopping everyone.........

I went to the fashion junkee website in Karen Cheng's blog..... again too sexy for me (call me old fashion!)


Celine said...

Hmm...I don't need to worry about new year clothes for this coming CNY. Just go to "Ribbons" & "La-Miss" to get my maternity clothes...Just that the price is even more expensive compare to ordinary clothes...

Oakley Sunglasses said...

I love shopping of various designer clothes....


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