Monday, January 21, 2008

Weekend musing

Last weekend, hubby and I have the privilege to drive back Kampar without the kids, not purposely wanted to abandon them but it’s only for 24 hours to check on mom and helped her with some pre cny shopping. On the way back using the North South highway I snapped the following photos, the clouds were wonderfully formed, I took this while the car is moving and the following evening, caught these magnificent golden sky colored by the wonderful creator’s hand.

Golden Sky 1

Golden Sky 2

On another note, mom is more cheerful this trip back. She felt much better after changing doctor, so far the medication works well for her, she’s gaining back 5 kilos and can walk slowly without any assistance. Pray that God will continue to heal her and grant her a joyful and thankful heart. Mom also booked a brand new green metallic SAGA last Saturday. She decided to dispose the old Nissan Sunny and replace with a more comfortable car but of course it’s my dad who is the faithful personal chauffer. As I observed both of them, in their seventies, though externally they may not look like a loving couple, they complained and nagged at each other but I can feel deep inside how much they care for one another. It’s really so blessed to have a companion especially reaching your golden, retiring and less mobile age….

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