Monday, March 24, 2008

I'm flying

I'm flying today to the land of Philippines for 4 days, first trip of my 6 months project there. I'm not sure of the accessibility of the internet, so thought of dropping an entry before I took the plane. Everything is arranged, the hotel, pick-up, meeting appointments......... I brought 2 books with me entitled "A woman finding serenity" and "How to enjoy your life and job", will try to catch up with some reading as it's impossible to find time to read at home, the girls are glued to me. So this is a time to sort of "getaway" from hustle bustle of kid's business, home making and just a time to be on my own, catching up with personal activities. I'm going to miss the kids and of course not forgetting my dear hubby. I'm hoping to snap some interesting scenes of the Philippines, it's friendly people, its volcanos, local delicacy etc................ catch up with you guys later ya!

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Daphne Ling said...

Hey Elaine,

Come back and tell us about your trip, with pics, ok?

Have a safe and enjoyable journey...=)


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