Sunday, March 30, 2008

Little angel

Yes, I'm back, it's good to be back, in fact it's super good to be back, to be with family again, to breathe the air of my homeland and to sleep on my nice cozy bed. Got so much to blog about, but first things first, while I was away, I received 2 smses from my Pastor, his son was being admitted to ICU for severe fits and needed support in prayers.

Being a parent, it teaches me what sacrificial and unconditional love are, I believe you automatically inherit these once you hold your own child into your hands. Little angel* had been diagnosed with encephalitis, an inflammation of the brain 15 months ago, one of the symtoms that he is experiencing are uncontrolled fits due to the massive activities in his brain cells, the cause - virus infection, the virus - the doctor had yet to determine the originality.

For the past 15 months, our Pastor, his wife and family members had been unconditionally and painfully (emotional) taking care of little angel, going through a rollercoaster, uphill and downhill emotional and physical endurance journey. It has been a very tiring time for the family but in spite of all these, little angel brings hope, revival and lessons of life to surrounding people that could not have been learnt in any other better way. The sickness in this little boy is a blessing in disguise to many families and sends awakening messages to many souls.

Yesterday evening was spent with little angel's mother, listening to her heart, sharing about God's goodness and coming together in prayer. It is our desire that if God wants to heal and restore little angel, we earnestly seek that God will do it quickly and if it is God's desire to bring little angel back into His arms, He will do it quickly also. No one loves little angel as much as God does, we prayed for His heavenly will to be done on this little dear angel of ours.

*angel - name to be kept anonymous to respect the little boy and family members.

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dorene said...

a very touching entry with a very nice picture...hope little angel will be ok soon.


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