Monday, March 17, 2008

Mamas rock (2)

Well, did mamas rock yesterday? Yes indeed, there were 7 of us and we rocked till about 10pm. As planned the kiddos (2+2+2+2+2+2+2=14) rocked with the papas, so yesterday there were altogether, 28 of us who rocked the whole house down. We had fun, the kids had fun, papas had fun and mamas had a great time sharing and be away from the kids at least for 2 hours, yay!

During the session, mamas shared it was a great plan to call papas to come, at the end of the session some papas were asking about our next meeting because some of them were thinking of making "escape" plan, so bad of them. Anyway I believe they were just kidding, one papa commented "Wow, need to cut, paste and at the same time take care of the kids, tough job", some jokingly said that the next session papas will bring tea set, the kids will play on their own and those with maids suppose to bring them along too, hmm..... that's how they showed support to the mamas eh?

Nevertheless, this does not stop mama from planning the next meeting, we were so excited and can't wait for the next one, so to the papas, it is just the beginning, so you all better learn and learn it fast. Ke ke ke

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