Friday, March 14, 2008

Mamas rock

I’m planning for “mama” cell group this coming Sunday night at my home. The previous meetings were held at church, every time only four of us attended, and the four is not always the same four, we joked that it was always enough to start a mahjung game, of course we did not start one.

Mama cell group was initiated especially for mothers in church who do not belong to any small group yet, often mama need to take care of their kids during our weekly service, thus do not get to listen to Pastor’s whole sermon, thus spiritual food intake is affected, so this group was formed with the objective that mamas get together firstly to feed on God’s word and secondly as a support group.

So we are gathering all mamas this Sunday, whether young mamas, old mamas and mamas to be. Not just that, we are also inviting papas and the kids along so that all concerned mamas who can’t leave their family behind will get to join too. Hmm… a daunting task indeed eh. Last year, we banned all papas and kids, this year; we try a new strategy and are more papas and kiddos friendly.

What is our plan?

7.30pm – 7.45pm – Arrival of all mamas, papas and kiddos
7.45pm – 8.00pm – Briefing for the gang
8.00pm – 9.00pm – Papas and kiddos activity at the living hall (they are going to do pop-up cards for mamas, if they finished earlier, back-up plan is cut and paste activity);
Mamas go into 2nd room and start our session (Bible reading cum re-alignment of 2008 objectives)
9.00 – 9.30pm – Supper, art work sharing session and fellowship time (maybe I’ll bake the carrot butter cake again, mom in-law make fresh soya bean milk and some jellies for the kiddos)
9.30pm – Dismissal, an early one because it’s a school day the next day

I’m hoping for a good and blessed night. Wait for the updates next week ya.

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