Thursday, March 20, 2008

Siblings rivalry

The kids were playing together quite well yesterday night, I'm happy they left me alone so that I can read the papers. Just about 10 minutes into the playing session, Michelle starting shouting to Emily and Emily shouted back, they argued, argued and argued....... till Michelle cried. Wanted to play deaf to the whole situation but guessed that I need to step into the show, so what I did was I separated both of them and put Emily into the room. I insisted that since both of them could not be good together, cannot love each other and detest each other so much, then no point of being together, so Michelle will stay at the living room and Emily in the second room. Both of them are not allowed to talk and see each other. I proposed that if they really hate each other so much, then they can't stay in the same house anymore, together with my neighbor (who happened to pass by), I asked if one of them could stay with him, he happily answered "Why, of course, then one of you could take care my baby", the girls in one voice objected to the idea.

So here they were, still being separated and stranded in their own place, just over 5 minutes, Emily could not stand it and started to slowly squeeze herself out from the room,started with her hands, I stared at her and she got back into the room. I started giving lectures to both of them, by then they were sorry of their behavior and slowly displayed their "innocent and want to get back together" face. I let Emily out of the room and within seconds they were holding hands, giggling and running together again.

I asked them to post for the camera, which they gladly obliged......

Hai, I think I've to witness many hundreds of such rivalry scenes before they actually learned to be good to each other in a more acceptable "adult" way. Two is really enough.....

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