Thursday, March 20, 2008

Simple weekend

We went to New World Park again last Saturday but this time with the kids and mom in law as promised. We ordered Penang famous char koay teow and hokkien mee, the portion was quite big and the koay teow was served with 4 big prawns per plate, worth the money (RM3.50). The ladies street is still around, we brought the kids for a walk and let the kids did some coloring, for RM5 per person they got to choose from a wide range of pictures, the young chap working at the stall had the outline of the picture removed and placed them onto metal plate and baked them for a few minutes. The kids than began coloring by choosing their favourite colors (stored in plastic bottles, basically they just need to squeeze onto the pictures where the outline was already properly drawn, so quite easy). Michelle being more patient was slow and careful with her work, as for Emily, hmm... I've to assist and ensure she don't mess it up. Upon finished, the young chap need to bake it again, after cooling, the picture can be removed and turned out to be a piece of rubber-like material. The results..... ta da

Next, we dropped by to the stage area where a new group is performing, the singers this time were.......... well if compared with the previous group, they were far behind and no showmanship. I missed the other band, hope to bump into them again. Anyway we spotted an uncle dancing to the rhythm, I actually enjoyed the uncle's dancing moments more than the band.

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