Monday, March 17, 2008

Ouch! My heart is aching

Guessed what I did the moment I reached home yesterday? I caned Emily. Bad mummy hor? Does she do something very wrong? Yes. Does mummy feel bad after doing it? Yes, very bad. Is Michelle glad that mei mei got caned? No. Does Emily learn the lesson behind? I hope she did. Does the caning leave any scar on her buttocks? No, I checked and wanted to apply cream, can’t find any.

Some parents told me they never used the cane, some told me we can’t be not using the cane. Bible teaches us not to spare the rod, for hubby and I, when the children need the cane, we need to use the cane but in controlled situation. If you happen to see the cane's condition at my home, you'll be horrified by the appearance, but worry not, the cane was mostly used to create the "sound" rather than landed on my daugthers' buttocks.

So what does Emily do that she desired a spanking yesterday? Well, together with another class mate, she scratched another classmate’s face with a sharp coloring pencil while the other slapped the face. The scratch left some marks on the classmate’s face.

Oh my goodness, how can my girl be doing such an act? I questioned her intention, she sided that the girl pushed her while she was queuing in front of the toilet, not very convincing, I insisted that she tell me the truth, then she changed the story citing that the girl refused to let her sit beside another girl (the one who did the slapping), so I guessed both of them decided to take things into their own hands.

Emily has been quite aggressive lately, sometimes purposely hurting jeh jeh at home, there was one time she slapped my face too, beat daddy on the lap, when we questioned her, she could not give a reasonable answer for her action. The spanking yesterday was meant to teach her that when she hurt somebody physically, it’s the same feeling as I caned her. She cried, she confessed and acknowledge her wrong doings. I called the girl and Emily apologized over the phone, crying over it and pledged not to repeat her action. I apologized to the mother.

After the caning, crying, reassuring, we went for a walk, the jeh jeh commented “when mummy cane you, mummy’s heart very painful one meh”.

Today, she will need to face the principal and be disciplined. I told my mom in-law that I will give full authority to the principal to do what she deemed suitable for the situation and I do hope Emily really learnt the lesson behind.

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