Monday, March 17, 2008

XX Politics XX

Recently I’ve been venturing into the world of politics, I used to listen to comments that politic is a dirty world, dirty in a sense that decisions are made based on personal gain, the abuse of power by higher authority, corruptions, injustice, malice and immorality. Government = Politics, meaning we are electing a bunch of immoral people (if not all, majority) to lead our country and expect them to take care of our welfare. Why people is so power crazy? Why is it so nice to be on top of the world, where everyone listens to you, you have all the say and have the highest authority to oppress the poor, unfortunate, people whom you do not like? Which makes me wonder, what happen to humanity, why can’t we be human just like God created us to be?

I saw the video on our ex-PM making a confession that he did indeed put an innocent man (his deputy then) to jail, accused him of corruption and the worst act of sodomy, in the name of power. How disgusting, he is our PM then, now if a PM can do this, just imagine the guys in the cabinet whom he has selected, will there be any good in them? This, you have to determine yourself, as for me I’m so disgusted.

I believe each of us will be judge according to our action when we stand before our Creator, whatever injustice exercised shall be dealt with accordingly. In spite of all these, will there still be hope for Malaysia, for our next generation? What does it take to revive our leaders, it starts with a little step from its citizen to reject corruption in any kinds, say no to injustice and faith in our merciful Creator. God destroyed every living thing back in Noah’s days but God also promise not to ever do so in future….. so if God is not going to punish us by destroying us then He must be merciful enough to lead us back on the right track again, I prayed the recent election’s result is a small step to a revival.

I have been awaken, how about you?

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