Sunday, March 23, 2008

Steamboat again!

We went for all you can eat steamboat yesterday night, thanks to our host and hostess, Mr. & Mrs. Vincent who treated the whole family for a sumptuous and fulfilling dinner. So where did we go this time, it’s the same old place that we went for our previous two steamboats, our one and favorite Golden BBQ steamboat managed by Joseph and the gang at Nagore road. We still enjoyed every bit of it and the quality does not only maintained but improved by the variety of both readied food and yet to cook ingredients lavishly offered by Joseph. Thumbs up!

As usual, since we were all like hungry wolves, I took some fried bee hun, deep fried dumplings, meat balls and triangular sweeties. Next I tried the steam pork ribs (good) which was wonderfully steamed with the meat so tender and the taste just nice (Cantonese style, just the way I love it!), my friends took some chicken curry, hubby helped himself with some satays, just taking the ready cooked food makes one forget what’s your main objective for coming (steamboat & BBQ!), ke ke ke.

Next I helped myself with the many mushrooms, fish balls, prawns, clamps, vegetables while the other couple helped themselves with the many choices of marinated meats. How about the kids? Well they were enjoying the many sweeties offeredlah while the mummies and daddies walloped all they want. My mom in-law helped to take care of the kids while she has the whole table by herself (with the kidslah), he he he.

We are whole bunch of “glutters”, aren’t we? The dinner ended with ready made dessert and sweetened green tea. Hmm…. I’m truly satisfied, thank God for food…….. we really have so much.

This time I managed to take some photos……… enjoy and get ready some hankies to wipe your drooling saliva eh........ and once again thanks to our generous couple.

Kids enjoying ice-creams, poor Emily, she's down with cough but she's braving the temptations, good girl!

Some of the ready made food..... I know I know your saliva drooling already ya.

Next, the many choices of steamboat and BBQ ingredients to select from.. wah..

The wide range of dessert to choose also..

At last, our satisfied look....

Finally the bill....... as expected it was RM0.00 for our family and RM19.90 per pax for the adults, the 4 kids again get to eat for free... thanks Joseph!

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