Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Good night

Yesterday night, while I was accompanying my daughters to sleep, Michelle said "good night", I answered "good night, love you and sweet dreams", suddenly I recalled, how I used to wish mom good night back home, the thought of our last moment together came flashing on my mind. Michelle's whisper of good night sounds so familiar to mine back then. Oh the feeling of missing my mom was so great that I could not hold my tears, I still missed her terribly especially in quiet nights and being alone.

This morning while doing my quiet time, the words from Daily Bread comforted me, I abstracted some of them:

"After a tragic loss, we should look at the resources and relationships that remain and trust God to use them. This can inspire the hope of rebuilding a new life". — Dennis Fisher

Beyond the losses of this life
That cause us to despair
New hope is born within our heart
Because our God is there. —D. De Haan

No one is hopeless whose hope is in God.

The words came in timely, thank you Lord for your comfort. I took one of mom's best looking photo and framed it up, positioned it on top of our shoes cabinet and instead of greeting mom "good night", I greet her "good morning" before leaving for work, so far it has been therapeutic.

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