Monday, March 10, 2008

Mid life crisis

Hubby joined a book review session every Wednesday with some brothers from the church while I joined the choir every Wednesday night. The current book being reviewed entitled "Mid Life Crisis For Men", or something very close to that. I smile and little brain was jokingly saying to my mind "Well, well, well hubby in mid life already?" Hmm.... considering our age, both of us are certainly in our mid life, that is if we live till 70. OK I can accept that, so being curious I asked hubby what they were discussing on one or our trip back home on a Wed night, below is our conversation:

Hubby: Well, we were discussing the symtoms of mid life in men?
Me: So what are they?? Protruding bellies?
Hubby: Yeah, one of it
Hubby: Insecurity, stupidity and "back to teenage" time attitude..
Me: Like??
Hubby: Looking at other women and desire to start a new relationship..
Me: Hmm... plain men's excuses..
Hubby: But this time round, they hurt so many people in the process..
Me: Yeah....
Hubby: This will happen to women too, they too will start to look at younger men and desired to be with them..
Me: Yaks, not me..... (thinking in my mind, then it proves I'm not in mid life yet, he he he)

Can't really recall what we talked about next..... I will ask hubby when he finished the book and maybe then I'll write part 2 of this post. Wait ya....

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