Sunday, March 9, 2008

Wind of change

I’m not a political savvy person but something very strange happened, hubby and I were following the results of our 12th General Election until 2.00 am last Sunday morning. As much as I wanted to vote this time, due to some technical problems I did not carry out my citizenship responsibility, I know shame on me but the result is what I’ve been hoping for.

The whole nation is in daze just like any of us who followed closely the happenings prior to the election, the election itself and post election. History is created especially in Penang where the opposition teams are taking over for the first time in 40 years, but this time thank God everything is at peace. I went out shopping on Saturday night itself when the votes counting was in place, things were pretty quiet in the wee hours of Sunday and the whole day of yesterday was pretty normal, so there’s no hoo hoo ha ha over the political Tsunami results, not in Penang.

I’m glad Jeff and Tony (our brave bloggers) gained victory and also for those who really fight for a change this time round, the important thing now is to wake up from the daze, start planning for the road ahead. I’m sure voters vote against corruption and injustice, it’s my desire that the new ruling party really work delivering the commitments and changes vowed. I’ve also heard comments that maybe a lot of loosing candidates will join the new ruling force and probably we have to do another massive clean up 50 years down the road, I hope this will not happen.

We did not get a public holiday; I believe this showed how humble the winning parties were. Prayers are the party will work towards improving the citizen’s standard of living, eliminate poverty, fair allocation of wealth specifically for those who are in need, eliminate discrimination of all races, achieving a safe neighborhood, zero corruption, good will and peace on our land.

This time election has really opened my eyes and entering into the bloggers’ world gives me a whole new fresh perspective on Malaysia’s politics. Many say “Malaysia politics will not be the same again”, I totally agreed.

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