Monday, April 7, 2008

Celibacy - sexual abstinence before marriage

I wonder how many single girls or ladies out there are still virgin? I believe in Western countries, not many are but I'm not surprised if you tell me that in Malaysia, it's not many either. When I was a teenager 20 years ago, I once read an article that if you are still a virgin (teenage years), have not experienced sex before, then you will be laughed and rediculed.

The teaching of celibacy was planted in me when I was 12 (I think) by my old fashion mother, I still remember clearly what she said:

1) "You will get pregnant when you sleep with a man"
2) "Once you gave in the opposite sex, that's it, you will never get it back"
3) "You reserved the best for your husband"

Well, when you are 12 in my time, mom's above words doesn't make much sense, "What is sex, you reserved what best for your husband???".......but if mom was to say this (mind you, she was real serious then), then it's worthwhile to just trust and obey. Friends talked about this sex thing at school, they will be giggling and some blushed but I was never interested in the topic, reason being mom's words were all loud and clear.

Not until I was preparing for my wedding, that my husband and I leart about condoms, I'm glad we reserved the best for each other, called us old fashioned or extinct beings. I know sex should not be a close or taboo subject to talk about, all of us will not be here if not for sex, right? Being still very conservative and the teaching of the bible is real clear in this subject, I can testify that it's really no better way to do this act of love other than in the context of marriage.

Many young, matured and old people have fallen to the temptations of sex outside marriage and resulted in unwanted pregnancies, abortions, broken hearts and families... it's about time we think of a good way to educate our children in this area, be it at home or at school........, if you can't think of a good way, use my mom's way, it works wonderfully well for me.......


david santos said...

Hello, Wai Wai!
Thanks for your posting and have a nice day. I loved this post.

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Wai Wai said...

Hi David, thanks. I'll post Nurin in my blog on the 25th April too.


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