Monday, April 14, 2008

Make-up session

Every morning my girls witness my make-up session and they know the sequence quite well; toner, moisturizer, blusher and perfume (I leave the lipstick at the office after breakfast). Emily will climb onto the dressing table and sometimes passing me the items, at times they attempted to trick mummy into applying for them, below are some of our conversations:

E (Emily) : Mummy, can you apply for me too?
M (Mummy) : Children cannot wear make-up.
E : Why leh?
M : Because your skin is already very smooth, no need make-up, make-up will damage your skin.
E : Then why you make-up leh?
M : Err… because mummy old already, got wrinkles, skin not smooth , that’s why got to make up loh
E : Mummy not old yet, still pretty…
M : Smiling, that’s so sweet… but you still can’t wear or touch my make-up things OK?
E : OK loh….

Mi (Michelle) : Mummy, can I put on lipstick?
M (Mummy) : No, lipstick got poison, not good for you.
Mi : Eii…. if we eat it can die ar?
M : Cannot, but if too much, I don’t know
Mi : Then why you use it leh?
M: Mummy know how to control from eating it, mummy wiped away before eating.
Mi : Oh……

M : Emily, you have been playing with my eye shadow hah? (seeing the area around her eyes all in pink color)
E : He he he (smiling cheekily)
M : You apply at the wrong area….
E : I don’t know mah…. (wanted to cry…)
M: Do you spoil the whole thing?
E : No…
M : I will go and check….


MamaJo said...

Fhuiyyooo...luckily, so far, my boys doesn't play with my makeup....he,he...maybe, I don't make up at all...that's why..but, I do remember when I was young, I love to play my mom make up too :P

Wai Wai said...

Me too, I love wearing mom's high heel shoes, now my little girl's turn. Boys... ha ha ha.. they mess daddy's things??


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