Thursday, April 10, 2008

No 3

Lately I've been reading blog entries about mommies and their kids, most mommies who blog are in their 30s with young children, majority with 2 or 3 kids. My princesses are now 6 and 4, they are more manageable nowadays, we just have to take care on their diets, they can dress themselves, eat by themselves and now I'm training them to bathe by themselves too. Michelle is quite independent; she did all her schoolwork by herself, Emily is picking up fast, thanks to jeh jeh. I always encouraged my elder one to set a good example in which she did quite well, of course they fight, quarrel and shout at each other, but I guess it's quite normal to have some sort of rivalry among siblings.

So lately, friends, colleagues, aunties and uncles started to coax me into having number 3. They commented that I'm so free nowadays, the kids are all grown up, they want a "ti ti", MIL can take care......... True in some sense but deep inside me I'm not sure if I could pulled myself to go through the pregnancy period, backaches, sleepless nights.....all over again. Furthermore my biological clock is clicking.

Hubby and MIL are very understanding, I need not have to bear them a son or grandson but I do pity hubby, he used to comment other baby boy so cute, he got no one to train for badminton or play sports with him....... Let's say we decided to go for no 3, what happen if it's a girl again? Who will fetch the girls to and back from school? We need to get a maid, we can't leave the maid alone with the baby....this and that........aiyah worries........... So why put ourselves in a worrying state??

So my standard answer to those who queried about no 3 is - "We will not plan for number 3 but if God decides to bless us with another one, we will gladly obeyed" Ke ke ke..


MamaJo said...

Ha,ha..true, for me, so many Qs pop in my mind as if I got another boy how ar? 3 Ultraman 3?...Kah, boys love Ultraman and influence their mom liao..Since I got 2 boys already.....Nice reading your blog

Wai Wai said...

Thanks Jo, for dropping by.... i'm adding your blog to my list, I think we should be sharing and learning the path of motherhood together... ke ke ke... we are totally in opposite position... 2 boys vs 2 girls..... maybe later we want to match them up... LOL

JoJo said...

Hi there, i am a blogger too but not always have time to write. my blog I have only one son and i wish to have another girl. yes, i am agree with you that it is so hard to gone through all over again the whole pregnancy period, it is really a big "project" for me. but as you said if God granted, God will take care!!


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