Friday, April 11, 2008

I was chatting with my colleagues the other day and don't know why we ended up talking about on-line buying and selling which made me to relate to the famous e-bay website. Another colleague told me that in Malaysia there is this popular lelong website. So yesterday I logged into this lelong site with the intention of "see see and look look loh", hmm.... ladies are pretty weak creatures when it comes to clothes, shoes, handbags.....I'm not excluded. Found some really nice dress but I've no experience in on-line buying, doubt if I should try. The cutting is real nice but the worrying part is will I fit into it, all the models are so slim, sleek and looks so good in those apparels, it might look different on me, still very skeptical lah.. anyone can spare any advice.... but they are real nice (things are always nicer if you don't own it... right?)


dorene said...

i say...get them all! don't worry if it doesn't suit but the heart flutters with laughters!

Yen said...

That's one of the fun of Sort of buying a gift for yourself.

By the way, those who would like to 'add some new features' to can try out my Lelong Greasemonkey script.


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