Monday, April 28, 2008

Online dating

I got an online dating appointment this morning..... yeap you read it write, online dating for a married 30 something woman, that shows this auntie is still very marketable.... LOL.. Who could be dating me this time? It's hubby lah, below is our communication:

Hubby always remind me not to blog about him on the WWW, he said "pai seh" woh, not suppose to tell the world about personal things. I assured him that I will know what to say and what not to here I am blogging about him...

We got to know each other in the university days, 1 year my junior (same year but he's Chinese ed), our friends once commented that he is aggresive to go after a senior. I for one is also "pai seh" going out with a so call "junior". What could I say I was charmed by this charming prince, his gentleness, sincerity......and that's how I was conned into marrying him and later bore him 2 princesses.

Now that the girls are bigger and MIL is always so good to allow us time-off, we sometimes sneak out for dating, catch a show or two, go dinner or lunch... I know it is kind of luxury for us as many of our friends don't have a reliable person to look after the kids. We in return make sure MIL has her time-off too, like morning exercise session, singing session on every Monday nights, cell group on Friday nights, cooking and floral arrangements over the weekends. Yeah MIL sure is an active woman... we are so blessed to have her all by ourselves, can't imagine our family life without her, so must pamper her once a while... Mother's day is coming... by the way she is my mother now though I agree the connection is very much different from my own mother... here I'm missing my mom again... hai....


MamaJo said... romantic!!! Is both of your office so nearby or both working together??

Wai Wai said...

Hi Jo, the distance is about 20 minutes drive...not working together...totally different line.. manufacturing vs building development

miche said...

what is 1215?

i too always sneaks out for a date at least once a week. Praise God for MIL and maid. :)

Alex said...

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Wai Wai said...

Michelle, 1215 is 12.15pm loh... I encourage all couples to go for dating (if situation permits), we are too occupied with our young children at times that we neglect each other..


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