Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pot Luck - Mamas meet again

For those who followed my blog, some know that I am leading a mama group and yesterday we went to one of the couple's new home, had pot luck (I brought spagetti and brocollis), shared marvelous food, plenty of kids and hubbies around, had our sharing session and a great night out. There were around 40 of us and turned out more like a house warming and tearing down session. We make sure we cleaned the place also, so not bad at all because we are thinking of coming back again. It was so nice for the couple to open up their home for us, we really need the space for the families to get together. The mamas managed to cover some topics for discussion, below is what we discussed:

1) What are the social pressure/social norms that mothers most often are subjected to?
2) How to not conform to the standards of the world?
2) How do we renew our minds so that we know what God's wills are?
3) In what ways we are unique?
4) In what ways we could be thinking ourselves more highly than we ought to...
5) Individual needs

By God's grace, it was a good session for all of us.

For those who like my version of spaghetti, checked my previous posts on recipe....


Mummy to QiQi said...

Hi Elaine,

Came to your blog from Miche's. A friend of Miche too and hope u don't mind me asking.

Read from your comment that your elder girl has got lazy eye?

I am Chin nee and recently discovered my 4-yr-old girl having very serious hypermetropia (long sighted of 950 degree where she can't see near and far). We were silly that we did not suspect earlier. Brought her to a paed opthomologist and according to him, this problem is not treated early will lead to lazy eye which is hard to cure as our child grows older and that will also affect their brain reception.

Hope u bring your girl for a specialist check up to find out more as this matter should not be taken lightly. Just to mean well, hope u don't mind my comment for trying to reach to you.

chin nee

dorene said...

goodness...i have to change my reading time on your blog...not before lunch...and definitely not at 6pm! all the yummy dishes...

Wai Wai said...

Hi Chin Nee, thanks for your concern. We spotted our daughter's when she was about 2, brought her to a specialist, the doctor verified her eye sight by asking her to pick fine color balls (about 1mm in diameter), in which thank God she can easily do it, the doctor commented that there should not be any major concern, we just have to bring her for an annual check-up, in her case she has failed to exercise her muscle well, so the doctor did taught us some exercise that we can do with her.... she's six now and her eye sight seems normal.. nevertheless thanks for dropping by, maybe we should bring her for a follow up check up... thanks.. I hope your girl's condition can be corrected and it's good to share.

Wai Wai said...

Hi Dorene....let me know your availability and preference, I would love to cook for the way, your sling bag is not done yet hor... sorry for the super delay...


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