Monday, April 21, 2008

Outstanding tasks

I'm travelling tomorrow and won't be back till Friday night, travelling is a good time to plan for "Me" time. So in my mind I wanted to get 2 things done instead of just stuck myself in front of the TV screen for 3 nights, I need to prepare for "mama group" on Sunday night and also hope to continue my long abandone crochet knitting job (promise Dorene that I knit her a sling bag many months ago). Yesterday I packed these 2 items in my bag, let's see if I'm discipline enough to complete them. I told my daughters that I'll be travelling is our conversation:

Me: Mommy got to take aeroplane and fly to Philippines again.
Mei mei & jeh jeh: Aw......, again? Why you have to be there?
Me: Mommy got meeting, got to work...
Mei mei & jeh jeh: Don't go can or not?
Me: See, when mommy away both of you get to sleep with Daddy mah..
Both: Yeah....., then when mommy is back, we stick to mommy like glue again....
Me: Okay....


MamaJo said...

Me, got cross stitch to accompany me...your girls so good ler, not Isaac....every night, I called back, he will cry like no one love him at home...make me feel bad lor

Wai Wai said...

Jo, hmm....Isaac so poor thing... yeah can't stop feeling bad.. anyway I'm sure you will make it up with him when you are back... my girls are quite okay, i hope they don't get immune with me not being around, it shows my decreasing importance... ha ha ha


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