Thursday, April 24, 2008

Still in Phil

Yeah, I'm still in the land of Phil.... while waiting for my flight at 2.20pm, here I am in the hotel, downloading my e-mails, replying them and take this opportunity to blog.... 4 days without blogging... but still "boleh tahanlah", ke ke ke.

I just had breakfast with my big big boss, the President of the group and he broke another news that he may need me to travel to Guangzhou soon.... ????? got another problem to fix there..... I was dumbfolded and just showed him my innocent and poor thing look. I told him I'm a banana, I only speak conversational Mandarin (that is if the locals there could comprehand my Cantodarin), I only write a handful of Chinese characters (my daughter knows more than me), I'm not too sure what I could contribute there..... He just smile and said "Just be ready ok?".....

In my mind I could already see my two girls' protesting face, I can imagine the scenario when I annouced to them.... Anyway, let's see and I'm trying to see the positive side of all these travelling.

Yeah, some updates on how I fare on my two outstanding tasks... firstly, mama group homework is done (good girl!) secondly, the knitting job - I managed to increase another 2 inch length to Dorene's long awaited sling bag (good job!), below shows that I watched for the past 3 nights:

1) A classic starring Audrey Hepburn (didn't get to watch the whole show)
2) A grammy award winning documentary - The inconvenient truth (wakes me up of my role to take care of our earth)
3) A drama starring Jacyln Smith - it was touching and I cried
4) A crime solving episode - true story of finding the killer

Overall I enjoyed my trip, I managed to cover what I need to do for this trip and to spend quiet time with the Lord each morning. Looking forward to returning home to my loved ones.......

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