Thursday, April 24, 2008

Strong Wino

When one became a parent, we learned the lessons of love in an exponential way (mathematically it means - way beyond the usual rate or pattern). I was working with one of my colleague in Philippines here where his wife just gave birth to their third baby boy. I met him and asked about the wife's and baby's condition. He shared with me that baby Wino is experiencing a complication that happens only in 1/2000babies borned. He explained that the baby's liver and intestines was pushed up to the lungs area which causes a lot of complication to the whole system, baby Wino went through a major operation to get it corrected, the doctor shared that the survival rate is basically zero and even if he survived the baby will not grow normally and will be put on ventilator for at least a month, stayed in the hospital for months.

I believe if we were in his situation, we would have prepared for the worst but the family has so much faith in God that they put little Wino in His mighty hands in prayers. He shared that the whole experience was a test of faith, through the whole incident he got the opportunity to even share gospel to people in the hospital and their faith strengtened... so what is the outcome of the operation for little Wino?

- He survived the operation
- He was in the ventilator for only 3 days
- He is going to be fine
- He has been discharged

Please pray for Wino, for him to be able to feed better and his organs to develop normally.... to me he is a fighter, I hope to visit him in my next trip... God is good all the time. Amen

Matthew 7:7 - Ask and you will receive, seek and you will find, knock and the door shall be opened to you.

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Ling That's Me said...

Hope Wino is getting better and better now


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