Sunday, May 18, 2008

Our weekends

Hubby loves nature, so when we were courting, after dinner boyfriend(then) will bring me on his Suzuki bike for sight seeing. We will normally end up eating steam corn while enjoying the seaside or mountains view. When it's dark he will send me back and he, back to the hostel, we don't normally lingered when it's dark, mainly because we were scared of being robbed LOL!

So now on weekends, hubby usually proposes that we go out for evening walks, to the nearby park and forces all of us to exercise! He's a health freak guy.... Last Sunday we strolled along the neighborhood.... and walked for an hour plus, we walked down terrains and climbed super narrow roads, the kids enjoyed the walk so much and I was perspiring like a dog (so unfit!).

As we walked we captured some pictures:

Flame of the forest:

Flame of the forest tree leaves (taken by Emily)
The girls:
The residential view....

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