Thursday, May 29, 2008

Visiting mom

On Monday, I drove back to Kampar with the girls, first time travelling outstation alone with the girls. Hubby was down with an eye problem and need to be hospitalized at the very last minute. As this is a pre-plan trip, I will have to go without him, poor hubby, MIL helped to take care of hubby while we were away.

The girls well, considered OKlor, we managed to reach my hometown safely. Visited mom's grave yard the next morning with my sister and brother's family. It is nicely done, all went well when suddenly my only nephew broke into tears, there goes all of us.... :(

Mom's picture is beautifully framed up, we miss her so much. We will visit mom more frequent. It's a good time for family bonding and glad that dad is doing fine.

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