Monday, June 2, 2008

A good movie

Hubby and I seldom watched TV nowadays, I used to be a soap opera series enthusiast until I took up the MBA program, my TV viewing time basically cut into very minimum. We also do not encourage our kids to watch TV but when they are with MIL during the day time, I'm not too sure but MIL says she try to watch only when they are taking their nap. Controlled viewing is actually fine with me and recently I realized our Michelle has started to enjoy shows over the TV.

I like to watch drama especially those with good story lines, relationships and family based. The most recent drama that we watched as a family was a movie called Saving Sarah Cain, I don't think it's a box office movie but I strongly encouraged others to watch it with your family, it talks about how one adapts to new situation, family bonding, healthy relationships. I also realized my girls are so full of emotion, they laughed easily and cried over sad movies just like me, this I called like mother like daughters... :)

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