Monday, June 2, 2008

A survivor story

With the permission of my colleague, Erwin, I would like to take this opportunity to post what was shared to me by this loving and faithful father of three. Erwin is the father of Wino... below are his sharing, it is our hope that his lesson of life be an encouragement to parents out there who may face the same challenge or greater.... a message to press on and take comfort that a miracle could happen...

Wino Angelico P. Pasco
Philippians 4:6
… not worry about anything, but instead, make it known to God through prayer of thanksgiving……

Few hours after wino was born. Mommy paid a visit for feeding…
Since Wino is not responding well. Suspicion started. He was subjected to various tests

After the operation of Diaphragmatic Hernia. God made him Survived the operation….Truly….God Is Good

The equipments used to monitor wino’s condition…ventilator / respirator that makes breathing easier

After the removal of ventilator support. Wino has to start breathing on his own…. With Oxygen support only, which was also removed after two days….. God Heals Miraculously…. His Steadfast love really never ceases….

A completely healed baby after a week of operation…….. Only the support that helps him feed remains….. And again…in Gods Grace, was also removed afterwards as sucking becomes more convenient for him

The nurses that took care of Wino at the nursery intensive care unit during his stay at the hospital

The noenatologist and the pediatric surgeon that God nominated for Wino

First month

May 17,2008 Shots….quite a shy healthy baby….

Close to two months old Wino…..

After church service yesterday…… Wino at 2 Months age… God’s provision made him Survived….To God alone we give back all the Glory!!!!!!!

What we all learned from this experience is learning to trust God Wholly. Never doubt His promises and provisions. It is in difficult and tough times that we get to experience the Lord’s greatness and its truly amazing that we cannot fathom the depth of His Love. It’s so easy for us to trust God in times of blessings and when everything is going well for us….. But this test of faith allowed me, my wife and my family to experience the beauty and benefit of giving all to God and Trusting Him Completely.

Up until now, we are overwhelmed by what happened. From My son’s full recovery to the secondary issue on settling hospital bills. All of these things were provided by God’s richness in heaven.

We also gained a lot of new friends during our stay at the hospital..

What a blessing really it is to be with the Lord.

Testimony by : Erwin R. Pasco


MamaJo said...

Thanks GOD the baby survive....hope GOD will give the baby a healthy life...

Wai Wai said...

Yeah, keep on praying and trusting..

jess d. saliba said...

Another living proof that God is really good all the time!

God bless you Baby Wino!


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