Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Siau Chu Chu - Little piggie

MIL and I have started to train Michelle to skip afternoon naps in order to prepare her for Primary 1 next year. She'll be attending afternoon classes, so we thought we should start early to get her body ready for it. Michelle is also quite an initiative child, no problem with the arrangement and gladly oblige to the plan.

We started this week, so far so good, for the past two nights, her eyes were droopy when it was approaching nine....

We always end the day with prayers, sometimes the children pray, I listened and most of the time I pray, they listened. On Monday night, I was leading in prayer.... half way through the prayer I heard a funny breathing sound...."herr... herr...." Guess what? Michelle is snoring away, just imagine how tired she is. Emily and I giggled and we continue with the prayer.

Yesterday evening we shared with her and she laughed uncontrollably.... "oh really... then I will snore tonight also" she claimed.

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MamaJo said...

Geeee...I'm thinking I will have hard time to train Jona to skip nap when times come....no matter where we go, he definitely will doze off, when times arrive, even on the boat watching dolphins...


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