Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Gemstone test

I rediscover Celine's blog and decided to take the gemstone test myself:

Your Gemstone Says...

You exude wealth and class. (Even if you're short on funds.)

You carry yourself well, and you have perfect manners.

You never seem desperate or trashy. You are admired for your sense of style.

You treat others well. In fact, many people aspire to be like you.

My comment:
Exude wealth and class - no lar... people who knows me classified me as a careful spender...i go for affordable and varieties..
Carry yourself well, perfect manners - oklar..
Never seem desperate or trashy - I'm desperate at times but I tend to appear cool nia..
You treat others well - ok lar but I can't please everybody

1 comment:

little inbox said...

Wah, my blog is so popular hor, Cannot escape from you :P


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