Thursday, June 26, 2008

We are back

We are back, after 7 days of "crazy" and endless travelling. Yesterday was spent sleeping, sleeping and sleeping. One important thing learnt out of this trip - hubby and I vowed.. never travel to a place where it is summer.

We were all soaked up by our sweat, dried by the air-conditioning the next moment, now imagine this happen repeatedly...... we were dragged out of our bed at 6.30am and back to the hotel only after 8.00pm... that's the nature of a package tour...

Over 5 days, we travelled to 7/8 major cities covering 17oo km, crossed numerous tunnels and mountains (2/3 of Taiwan are mountains), went to 4 night markets, 3 major scenic spots (Yehliu Geopark, Taroko Gorge, Sun Moon Lake), a tribal village, 3commercial places (ling zhi, royal jelly, jade), 2 major temples, 2 memorial halls, a peacock farm, a hot spring spa, the national museum........

What do I enjoy out of the trip?
1) The east coast journey on the road, the sea, land and mountain view are nice
2) The Taroko Gorge & Sun Moon Lake
3) An interesting dining place where the interior and external deco are spectacular
4) A jaguzzi in our room
5) The mountain tribal people's performance
6) The experience of a typhoon (simulation only)
7) Looking at the exotic/creative food in the night markets but don't have guts to try them... :(

What are not so enjoyable...
1) Waiting time.....not all are punctual
2) The scorching sun... I suffered sore throat for a few days and mild fever on the second day
3) The long journey in the bus

Overall I rate the trip 50% only...... if ever we wanted to go back to Taiwan again, it is going to be a light and easy trip just like mamajo's....

Below are some snapshots:

White bitter gourd.... the drink suppose to soothens your throat and prevent pimples..

Famous, gigantic Taiwan sausages...

Milky Mangos, the fertilizer are processed using expired milk..

Deep fried octopus..

Yehliu Geopark, the famous "queen's head"

Lover's bridge

East coast, sea and mountain view... (taken in the bus)

Padi field

Taroko Gorge

Sun Moon Lake

Cute souvenirs

Taipei 101, tallest skyscrapper

Memorial hall

White peacock

"Cave-like" restaurant


Ling That's Me said...

the sun moon lake view is so nice!
hey, u didnt add in in your enjoyment, that is having the company of ur beloved hubby! :D

I miss travelling with my hubby.

MamaJo said...

Did you shop till you drop?? He,he...when we go, our luggage only 40kg, but, when we came back, our luggage is 60kg!!!

Wai Wai said...

Ling, oh yeah hor... I actually enjoyed travelling with him... felt like courting again..:D on the other hand we missed the girls like crazy...

Mamajo, shop till we drop? I would say we actually walk till we drop... what happen to us is our luggage bag expanded by 50%, when we first left, our luggage extra compartment was not utilize, when we flew back, we need to unzip for the extra space..... check my post on what we bought...:D


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