Monday, June 30, 2008

Precious incisor

While we were away at Taiwan, something happened to Michelle, she lost one of her little lower incisor. It was already shaken a few days before our trip and when we called back from Taiwan to check on them, she happily announced that her incisor had finally came off. She said MIL placed the precious incisor in an Ang Pow packet and she will keep it in good care till we‘re back. I laughed at her idea.

When we reached home, true enough the Ang Pow packet was placed on the book rack and deep inside the packet is her little incisor….. I later found out MIL extract the tooth by one single pull using her fingers wrapped with a handkerchief (so that her fingers can be secured to the incisor). Little blood came oozing from the gums and things got back to normal in matter of minutes.

I remembered my grandmother used to tell me that she pulled a lot of her grandchildren’s teeth by tying the defective tooth with a thread and tie the other end of the thread to a door knob, the tooth will came off when she slam the door hard……… ee sounds scary…. I don’t recall her pulling any of my teeth (what a relief)… most of my milk teeth came off by their own without much hassle :D

The "Ang Pow"

Michelle's incisor

Michelle showing off her imperfect milk teeth

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