Monday, June 30, 2008

An overview of Taiwan

After spending a week in Taiwan below are my general perceptions of the country.

The streets are pretty clean, public toilets are well kept. I believe the government did a good job in taking care of the environment. It was told that Taiwanese has to pay for extra garbage thrown. This is done to educate the people to reuse, retain and refrain from throwing “garbage”. Little plastic bags were used; we have to pay more if we were to request plastic bags instead of paper bags. In fact there are little garbage bins around.

All public places are equipped with amenities for disable persons, even their currency notes has bolded lines denoting different values that could be felt by blind citizens. People were pretty soft-spoken and well-mannered, they will happily greet you when you enter or leaving the shop even if you do not buy anything from them, this happens everywhere even in the night markets.

One of the main attraction in Taiwan are their hawker like food stalls, one could hardly find any stall that sell the same item, the hawkers are creative in their own ways and some stalls you could see people making a long line and thereafter each standing there holding a bowl, savoring the food. Came weekend the locals will flood the night markets. The youngsters look trendy in their unique hip hop dressings, most clothing sold in the night markets catered for this young generation, so this auntie could hardly find anything suitable (another sign that age is catching up L). Taiwanese girls are generally fair and slim blessed with good complexion.

Most tourist are from Japan, Hong Kong and Malaysia, soon Taiwan will anticipate flocks of tourist from China due to an open policy made effective 1st July where China citizens can now travel directly to Taiwan, could hardly see tourist from the West, probably they are at beaches.

I would advice those who are interested to travel to Taiwan to go on a free and easy trip, get a package which offers flight and hotels arrangement, as for sight-seeing I was told it is pretty convenient to travel on its public transportation. And yeah one more thing, don’t travel during summer unless you like the idea of sun bathing throughout the day.

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