Monday, June 30, 2008

Shopping in Taiwan

Hubby and I spent RM1500 shopping for this trip, below is what we spent on:

1) Ling Zhi (we bought some to try it out)
2) Herbs for MIL (made from deer's parts)
3) Clothing for the girls
4) A swim suit for MIL (can get cheap swim suit near the hot spring area)
5) A few blouses and a pair of shoes for myself
6) Bags for hubby and myself
7) Books for hubby
8) Accessories and cuties as souvenirs for loved ones
9) Dry food stuff
10) Food & drinks


MamaJo said...

That's still spend total RM5K exclude flight and acomodation ler.....really fainted liao, that's why now, work work work hard...ha,ha...can see you truly enjoy your trip...

Little Inbox said...

Elaine, wah, your MIL still so active hor, go swimming somemore beside the singing class,...


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