Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I want to become "Jeh Jeh"

This is the statement made by Emily the other night..... While we were lying lazily and about to doze off, suddenly Emily got up, sat at one corner and demanded that she wanted to become a Jeh Jeh..

Emily: I want to become a Jeh Jeh
Me: Startled....
Emily: Faster deliver a baby so that I can become a Jeh Jeh!
Me: You can be Jeh Jeh to Sin Yee (our neighbor's daughter who is younger than her)
Emily: No, I want to become a true Jeh Jeh not Sin Yee's Jeh Jeh
Me: In our role plays games, you get to become Jeh Jeh also right?
Emily: I don't want fake one, I want real one...
Me: (Thinking hard how to answer her).. mummy and daddy plan just to have both of you only..unless God decided to bless us with another babylar, then you can become a Jeh Jeh lor..
Emily: I want you to give birth to a baby now!
Me: (Getting frustrated already) We can't choose to become a Jeh Jeh or Mei Mei, like mummy, mummy is the youngest also, so mummy can just become a mei mei, same goes with daddy.. daddy is the youngest, so become ti ti.
Emily: (Wanted to cry)... Jeh Jeh can become a jeh jeh, I can become mei mei only, Celeste (her classmate)can become Jeh Jeh...(giving me all examples of who and who is jeh jeh)...
Me: Okay... enough, go to sleep already, I know you can become a good jeh jeh.. you become jeh jeh to........... (list all her younger friends)..

Conversation forced to end...... LOL

How do you explain to a 4 year old that you don't plan to have another baby?? According to her teacher, Emily likes to take care of her younger friends and proof to be a good jeh jeh........hmm... actually felt quite vulnerable having to dissapoint her.


Little Inbox said...

Later when she become jeh jeh, then jealous pulak, who knows?

mybabybay said...

You cannot ignore a child's wish...hehehe.

Ling That's Me said...

no second thoughts of having another one? :D

Wai Wai said...

Little inbox, yeah when both of them quarrel I will take the chance to ask them "Both of you like to quarrel, some more ask mummy to deliver another baby, three quarrel mummy will turn insane"...

Mybabybay...I can't be possibly fulfilling their every wish...I just have to stand firm, after a while they will tend to forget it.. he he he

Ling, in fact we have a lot of second thoughts, third, fourth.... so far we don't dare to contemplate.. he he he

MamaJo said...

Then, go for it - having 3rd child...maybe, it is GOD wish of you having 3rd baby and it is pass to you through Emily


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