Tuesday, September 23, 2008

10 days to go

10 days to go, feeling remain the same, work as normal. My big boss called up yesterday, we are suppose to meet up but due to urgent matter that he need to settle back home, he called to say a few words and make sure my last day issue has been settled. Later we exchanged some smses and ended with well wishes.

He is a nice boss, I worked for him for the past 12+ years, a very outgoing, open and supportive boss. He is like a father figure to me. I have had the opportunity to work for him directly for a few projects and I would say he is the one who gave me the opportunity to travel to all the different sites for exposure and audit purposes, all this traveling has enriched my experience and opened up my mind. Larry, I want to thank you and I want you to know (if you are happening to read this post) that you are a wonderful boss, thank you for your support and guidance and we will keep in touch.

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